oh mighty Smiter

Smite me, oh Mighty Smiter


Oh mighty smiter! Smite me! Oh wait, you keep doing it! Bring it on. I can take it!

Remember that line from the movie “Bruce Almighty”… “smite me oh mighty smiter”. Well…

I got some questions for God, some questions for fellow believers.

  1. God makes promises throughout the Bible. Are those promises meant for life now, life in eternity, or both?
  2. God is slow to anger, right? So what does it take to anger God? And how long does that anger last? Are His promises withheld while He’s angry?
  3. I have, all my life, been a Christian and helped so
    Many people in difficult situations and yet I still find more and more bad news as life goes on. From family fights, addictions, work pressures, childlessness, unforgiveness, sickness, death, financial strain, relationship strain. Yes, Jesus promised hard times, but then also He has overcome the world. Again, is this a promise of blessings now or in the afterlife?
  4. Am I allowed to demand proof of God like Gideon did? If He’s the same God then as He is now, then I’d say Yes. So God, do something “genie in a bottle style” that shows me you truly are this graceful, loving, faithful God that your word says you are. Not later, but NOW!
  5. Am I angering God now with this post?

God, you got some work to do to convince me to have full faith in You again.

Anyone, please feel free to weigh in here. I bet the responses will be low to none – why – because no one knows and most people have the same questions.


The Holy Spirit is meant to carry our grumbling and moanings as prayers to Christ. Why doesn’t He do it?

Over to you God. Show me what you got!

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