Uncertain Times


“If the ANC does to you what the Apartheid government did to you, then you must do to the ANC what you did to the Apartheid government.” – Nelson Mandela, Cosatu Conference, 1993

Like living in the shadow
of a volcano, each complacency
shaken by treacherous rumbles

While some seek equality
others chew on bitter lack
and who profits when

tempers succumb to
the hot lava of anarchy?

By Vjknutson

South Africa is burning

Maranatha! Maranatha! Maranatha!

Anarchy and chaos in the streets

I fear for democracy

False protestors fight to take control of the seats

By Anna Grishaw

Maranatha! Maranatha! Maranatha!

South Africa is burning! #SouthAfricaIsBurning

Be Still my restless heart

Advertisements Watching the storm with a restless heart The roaring thunder The strong winds A flash of lightning The storm rages on In it, I hear God’s voice say: Be still. Psalm 46:10 God is Omnipresent 7 Where can I go from your Spirit?    Where can I flee from your presence?8 If I go up to the heavens, you areContinue reading →

Laziness Ruins Happiness

Advertisements What Makes Diligence a Virtue? Most people do not want to be thought of as lazy — as a person averse to hard work. We all know laziness is a vice — a corrupting and addicting use of a good gift: rest. Leisure in proper doses is a wonderful, refreshing gift of God. But habitualContinue reading →

Release Your Regrets

Advertisements Once you have recognised your regret for what it is, you are then ready for the next step: release your regrets. Ask yourself these five questions: Do you regret committing a sin? Your regret may have been something you did that put distance between you and God. Letting go of that regret will requireContinue reading →

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Dear Mr Cyril


We know, Mr Cyril (Ramaphosa), what we must do,
Wear masks, wash hands, and stand away a meter or two.

Too long now we’ve been in lockdown,
Plenty time to learn not to be clowns.

Mr Cyril (Ramaphosa), do what’s right,
Give us back our constitutional rights.

If by now we’re too slow to obey,
Then we will face, come what may.

But give us chance and set us free,
Let’s live our lives, as South African’s are we.

If by now we don’t know how to behave,
Then, by God’s plan, we will meet our grave.

Come Mr Cyril, talk to us, let’s meet.
Leave it up to us whether to live,
or find a hole as deep as six feet.

Gives us back our lives and give us back our braais
Stop all the nonsense and the lies
We have our dop and we have our chops
All that’s short now is our zols

Now stop being our teacher or trying to play cop
With God in our corner and no lockdown, we’ll come out on top.

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