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Stronger – part 5


God desires for you and me to become stronger. Stronger emotionally, in faith, in love and stronger in the sense that we rest on His sufficient grace.

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Today, I will continue to talk about how to become stronger, for His Glory and to help fulfill His purposes in our lives.

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What is the nicest compliment you have ever received? Handsome, smart, cool guy, calm under pressure, caring, beautiful? What about, ‘consistent’ or ‘enduring’? Probably not words that come to mind immediately when thinking of been complimented.

If you were to describe someone you might use the words, interesting, exciting, quiet, fun to be around. But we would rarely use words like ‘consistent’ or ‘enduring’.

Upon reflection, one of the greatest qualities you will need if you want to become stronger is not found in your looks or in your talent, but in your endurance. Our walk with Jesus would be better summarised as more of a marathon than a 100m sprint. And like all good marathon runners it will require your endurance and consistency to finish the race.


Perhaps your greatest challenge in life will not be chaos or uncertainty but your consistency. 

Endurance is what we need to last in the process. It is endurance that provides patience during a storm, and it is endurance that will keep you steady when you would rather quit. God’s desire is to empower you to endure to the end.

13 But the one who endures to the end will be savedMatthew 24:13 ESV

Here are 3 ways you can Gloriously Endure:


1. Be the architect of your atmosphere

To get from your now to your future will require your endurance on the journey. But God will allow us to choose what the atmosphere of that journey will be like. We have the power to choose an adventurous journey, an ordinary one or a joyful one.

What atmosphere will you choose?


2. Pray for stronger shoulders instead of lighter burdens

We have all had times when it is difficult to endure. It would be far easier to give in when things are tough, or to choose an easier option when facing difficult seasons. But what if in those times of difficulty God was actually providing an opportunity for us to become stronger?

Think about these prayers, which will make you stronger? And, which prayer will leave you in lack?

‘Lord give me more money’ or ‘Lord teach me how to multiply the finances I have.’

‘Lord I need a holiday’ or ‘God you are my portion and my strength help me focus on the things I need to accomplish today.’

It would be far easier to pray away the opportunities that God is giving us, but instead how much more fruitful would we be if we prayed for the strength to see us through? Strength that is lifetime lasting and not short-term like money or a holiday.

Where in your life do you need to embrace what God is doing in you?


3. Be planted and stay planted

One of the greatest ways we can endure is to be planted and to stay planted. Planted where, you might ask? In the house of the Lord.

We all need a Church community where we can grow, serve and be challenged.

Yet often the reason this is not true for many is usually because of bitterness, un-forgiveness, or a misunderstanding between people within the Church. And the problem with this is that carrying these things always holds us back.

So ask yourself:

1. Do I need to find a new Church where I can truly grow?

2. Is this a storm that I am going through and I need to Stay Planted?

Pray:  Father, I thank You that it is your desire to strengthen me in every area of my life, help me to put into practice the things I have learnt, and help me to follow you all the days of my life. In Jesus name, Amen



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