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Jesus is the answer


For years and still to this day, people have and are asking. What are the answers to life’s questions? Well, my friends, the answer to that question is Jesus Christ. No matter what your questions are Jesus is the answer. Sounds remarkably simple right? Let me give you an example, let us say you want […]

~Jesus IS the Answer~

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  1. dolphinwrite – Like many, I've moved around quite a bit, both in my youth and as an adult. I've been in the field of education, but also have ventured into other arenas.

    I want to take Ifthis opportunity to share something, though not too exactly because of others’ feelings, about answers. It may sound “off” or not real to some, but as I grow older, I believe the answers are always there, even if we’re not listening or distracted. I am going to make a “story” that makes the point, and others might relate, realizing the answers are always there. **In my youth, growing up in a two-parent family, I sensed something over the years, though not thinking anything of it, later pondering if the “sense” led to anything, but I couldn’t “see it”, but also found over focusing didn’t help. So, I let it go. Many years later, someone in the family told me about an event in the past. I got it. This many years after. Looking back, I remembered a comment here and there, a look now and then, an inner sense of things, and so forth, but when the family member told me of an “event”, it all came together. It explained some dreams. In other words, whether directly or indirectly, we are being communicated to, but not always (if ever) with words. It could be a lost relative. It could be a moving from one state to another. It could be anything, but the truth of it is always there. I told someone once, I think each person has a book, for everything we say and do is part of who we are because we said or did. What we do echoes. It’s there. It’s in our behavior and way we talk. It’s always there. And, this may sound “odd” to some people, that’s also how I know God created me and why I believe in His Son, Jesus Christ.

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