In The Throne Room – Thirst for God


Pray with Jesus! Not just to Him!

This is God’s invitation for you to be Jesus’ prayer partner and learn some sacred “inner circle” secrets. Your eyes will open to the Holy Spirit, to the spiritual realm all around you.

The Kingdom of heaven is at hand. Get down on your knees and pray and watch God go to work in changing you through prayer!

Soul Thirsting

Everything about you was made for God and created for his presence. The true longing of your heart is to know him because we were all formed in his very image. Just as every one of us longs to know our earthly fathers better, we also long to know our heavenly Father. I call it our soul-thirst for him. When we enter his presence and come before him, we are connecting with our true source.

It’s in his presence that we’re empowered. It’s in his throne room that we come to life because there is absolutely nothing else on this side of heaven that can compare to communing with him! As we thirst for God, we connect with the desire of our eternal soul. Like a hunted deer panting for refreshment, we thirst for the living God. 


The greatest lesson we have ever learned about prayer is this: Jesus is my prayer life! Jesus is our life, our strength, our victory, and our hope of glory. We pray not only to receive what we need but also to know him. All prayer is union with God. We join our hearts, our spirits, and our longings with God’s as we touch the eternal together. Our hearts are drawn toward heaven when we open our lips and call upon his name. Any need we have must be secondary to satisfying his heart in prayer.

The first thing that happens for many people when you mention prayer is a feeling of condemnation rather than a joy of communing with the living Father. Many people think God is either mad or sad. They imagine that he’s mad at every sinner, every backslider, and every Christian who blows it. Or they think that he’s sad and melancholy over a world that’s abandoned his ways. 

We need to see that God is a happy God. He enjoys weak people, loves our prayers, and is touched by everything that affects us. And prayer touches his heart. Believe it or not, the Lord Jesus understands the difficulty we have in developing a life of prayer. He understands all our weaknesses!

This is an invitation for you to rise and pray. It is time to worship him even in your place of need. If only you knew how sweet your voice is each time you call out to him.

As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God.
Psalms 42:1



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