Prayer on Fire – Yahweh



Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name;
    worship the Lord in the splendor of his holiness.

Psalm 29:2


Heavenly Father, you are set forth in splendour. You rule with majesty, holiness, and eternity at your side. You are stunning—radiant and glorious. Struck with awe, we can do nothing more than bow low and worship You.

We hear a symphony playing as nature sings Your song; the clashing of symbols as the waters break against the shore. The power of your voice shatters the mighty forests and echoes throughout the sky. It shakes the deserts yet speaks to us with tender care. Stars sparkle as they dance on the edge of Your fingertips, while the oceans reveal the depths of Your love.

You are the strength of storms, the roar of thunder, the flashes of lightning, and the rush of wind. Though Your eyes blaze with fire and tempt us to cower and hide, we cannot look away. Consuming us again with Holy passion, You draw us in. We fall down before You in awe and wonder. You strengthen us, and it is only by Your grace that I may stand before Someone so Holy. You kiss us with peace and call us Your children. You lift us up and call us Your friend. Thank you, Lord.

In Jesus Name, Amen.”


Prayer on Fire

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