Daily Prayer – 11 June


Heavenly Father, we acknowledge you as our Father, we are Your children, who live for You through Jesus Christ. Renew our hearts. Strengthen our hearts. Should fear come over us and we are discouraged and mislead, may the Holy Spirit guide us to truth, to hold us steady again and again, regardless of what difficulties we face, we trust Your will is being done. May our thoughts always be pure and focused on You. We honour and lift up Your name. Your Kingdom reigns and will come for us all. We ask for all Your people to acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord, to your honour, Oh Father. In jesus Name, Amen.

Photo used with permission from Robbie Aspeling. Robbie Aspeling Photographer

For the director of music. With stringed instruments. A psalm. A song.

May God be gracious to us and bless us
    and make his face shine on us—
so that your ways may be known on earth,
    your salvation among all nations.

Psalm 67:1-2


Daily Prayer – 10 June

Advertisements Heavenly Father, we pray for You to gather us together to be united as one to praise You with one heart and with one voice. Let this praise be heard around the world in the midst of all the evils, diseases, greed, pride, misinformation and corruption that confront us. Thank you for the deliverance YouContinue reading →

Daily Prayer – 9 June

Advertisements Heavenly Father, my refuge, our refuge, always. Bless all who gather in Your presence, in Your name, whether in their secret places alone, as a husband and wife, or as a group in fellowship – all those who turn to You in distress, not only in our personal needs but also the distress of theContinue reading →

Daily Prayer – 8 June

Advertisements Heavenly Father, I wait expectantly for You. I long for Your righteousness and I long for You. I trust You to answer my prayer. Bless me and my family, I pray. May Your name be kept holy and Your kingdom come. Lord, may Your will be done in all things and be plainly seen, asContinue reading →

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