A Series on Sin Part 3: The Effects of Sin


A quote from this post by Jesus Alone “We are a very blind, self-righteous and hypocritical generation because of this.

The generation before us needs to own up to what they did to cause this mess, and our generation needs to grow up and own up to our mistakes.

If we continue to view ourselves as victims, then we will not get to a place of healing and empowerment. We will not get to a place of self-accountability, and that is something that we so desperately need!”
The bible speaks of the “7 deadly sins” some of which come to mind in the destruction of generations before us and continue in this generation – Pride, Greed, Lust (for power), all working against the loving nature Jesus portrayed and taught. These sins, and many others, are killing us and our planet.
Jesus Great Commandments are being pushed to one side for the love of earthly things and for acceptance and approval by others. Love God. Love each other. This, in itself, helps reduce the sin in our lives.


Posted by Stephen Baragwanath

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